Catch a vibe @ Reggae Geel

  • As an organisation Reggae Geel have always tried to maintain a strong link with society. We have therefore never been blind to the problems that abuse of alcohol and other drugs can entail. Consequently we have been making a sincere effort in terms of prevention and are determined to increase this effort in the future. For this we rely on advice from the Flemish Centre of Expertise in Alcohol and Other Drugs, and cooperate with the prevention initiatives of Safe'n Sound ( and Quality Nights.

  • Did you know that Reggae Geel have been choosing Fair Trade since its very first edition? We sell fair trade products for hungry stomachs and thirsty throats on the festival grounds in cooperation with the Geel Oxfam store. Our range includes fruit juice, coffee, tea, chocolate, and wine as well as cocktails, rum, biscuits, sugar, pasta, and rice. The Oxfam store also run a coffee stall on the grounds where you can ease your way into the day (or night) with the help of a nice brew. Honest products at honest prices!

  • As the Reggae Gell organising team, we like to share our success with people who could use a little help. This is why we continue to support the HELP Jamaica foundation. 'HELP' stands for ‘Help Establish Library Projects’. The foundation build libraries and educational centres in Jamaica and thus aim to encourage hope, talent, and ambition amongst Jamaican youths.