Dwight Marvin Duncan was barely nine years old when he sang in several church choires. In his teens he was active as Junior Melody in the Black Star Line soundsystem. Now of course we all know this talented Jamaican as Bushman. In 1997 he released his first album, Nyah Man Chant, which includes dancehall hit Call the Hearse. For his next two albums, Total Commitment and Higher Ground, he even worked together with producer King Jammy, who’s in our line-up this year too.

In the meantime his warm baritone voice has given birth to a whole series of new albums. He mainly brings us top-notch, old skool rootsreggae, which he perfectly combines with rock when the time is right. We have waited a fair number of years to see the Nyah Man on European soil, but now we can finally welcome him at Reggae Geel!