Beenie Man

  • 2019
  • 2014

Sim Simma! King of Dancehall Beenie Man, born Anthony Moses Davis, is inseparable from the dancehall and reggae scene. He’s a born entertainer. At the age of 5 you could already see him “toast” at local sound systems, and in 1994 he had already made it to Jamaica’s DJ of the Year. His international collaboration with the Neptunes, Janet Jackson, Missy Elliott, Kelis and Lil’ Kim turned him into the top performer he is today.

Beenie Man is unstoppable. He scores one hit after the other, and let it be clear: he is and will always be a pioneer of the worldwide dancehall scene. Together with his 5-strong band from Jamaica, we are pleased to welcome Beenie Man at Reggae Geel, where on Saturday he will blow his energy sky-high. Please welcome the King of Dancehall! Saturday at Mainstage.