• 2018

If you want a break from shaking and jamming to the music, you can always enjoy the side entertainment of cirQ. This collective of people with different backgrounds bring a wide range of acts to all sorts of events: from street parties to international festivals. Along with refugees from various countries, they will liven up Reggae Geel in all sorts of ways.

Are your kids tagging along? They will be able to go crazy on an antique floating carousel, which is being manually operated by two cirQ’ers. Do you feel like having a make-over? You can get one at the Refu-salon, where you can get both your hair and your clothing fixed. This way you will look spick and span after the festival. Or how about getting your name engraved on a grain of sand?

Do you want a unique experience? Go on a safari in the habitat of the homo sapiens. And afterwards you can relax underneath a blanket of warm sand. What this all means exactly, you will discover on the terrains of Reggae Geel.