Randy Valentine

  • 2019
  • 2013

As a child Randy Valentine (né Ronald Fritz Jr.) moved from Jamaica to the UK with his parents. The musical influence he inherited from his father allowed him to DJ the roof off a bunch of London clubs as early as 2005. In 2011 he released his debut single Sing My Blues Away (featuring rapper Jedi), followed by his first mixtape Bring Back The Love in 2012.

Randy Valentine’s success kept going upward in a straight line. In 2013 he gave rise to one of the biggest tours an upcoming reggae artist ever did. With his RV-lution Summer Tour he performed in over 10 European countries. And his succes didn’t go unnoticed, because a bit later he was allowed to feature in Major Lazer’s Peace Is The Mission album.

In 2016 RV decided to take full control: only he himself would be responsible for his own organisation and management. Both on a business and creational level. From then on, he would go through life as an independent artist, maintaining a Self Reliance and Self Governance philosophy. His most recent project, the New Narrative, is a reflection of his warrior mentality, loving heart, and humble spirit; qualities he has gained thanks to his many travels.

With the New Narrative, a breathtaking bundle of 9 songs, he takes everyone on a journey along his life path. So let’s all meet Saturday at Mainstage to set off for a life-changing journey with Randy Valentine.