Rockers live show

  • 2019

The Movie Rockers, inseparably connected to Reggae, celebrates it’s 40th anniversary and it's gonna be a party. With legends Big Youth, Leroy "Hoursemouth" Wallace, Kiddus I, KushArt Group, and Lloyd Parks & his We The People Band, together with the - unfortunately late - other legends Jacob Miller, Peter Tosh and Gregory Isaacs; the original cast of the movie, they will blaze up the festival by performing the soundtrack live for the first time ever (!!!) since the movie was released 40 years ago.

There is no reason not to be part of this milestone of Reggae Geel and Reggae in general.

With Reggae classic songs as Fade away, Tenement Yard, We "A" Rockers amongst others on the soundtrack, this will be the goosebump-moment of Reggae Geel 2019. We teared up a little by just the thought ...