The guidelines for requesting press credentials

  • requests must be submitted two weeks before the festival starts. If your credentials are approved, you will receive the documents by email at latest one week before the start of Reggae Geel;
  • an identity card can be requested for checking purposes;
  • the security unit’s guidelines must always be followed;
  • the artist personally decides about his rights and has the final word about access onstage and in front of the stage and interviews;
  • the photos & videos can only be used to produce the report about Reggae Geel;
  • please mail the publications (announcements and reports) to

Please mail your accreditation-request to and include following: 

  1. medium, 
  2. name media, 
  3. website, 
  4. name journalist/editor/blogger, 
  5. photo pass required yes or no, 
  6. cellphone-number, 
  7. unique e-mailaddress/press, 
  8. which festival day(s) you want to attend,
  9. will you do a pre-publication yes or no, 
  10. day(s) of publication/radio-tv broadcast(s)?

Side note:

Accreditations will be approved more likely for press who promotes the festival in advance.