Rent a festipi at Reggae Geel

07 May 2019

Do you feel like having an adventurous sleepover at Reggae Geel, without having to worry about anything? Then let us present to you: the Festipi! The Festipi is a supercool and comfortable tent for two people to share. And if you don’t want to bring your camping gear, you don’t have to, ‘cause you can just book the snuggest sleeping equipment with your Festipi!

An empty tipi costs €99 for the entire weekend.

An equipped tipi costs €154 for the entire weekend and includes the following:

  • Two sleeping mats
  • Two sleeping bags
  • Two pillows with pillowcase
  • A lock for your tent.

If you want to sleep in a Festipi, both you and your camping buddy will need a weekend ticket AND a camping ticket. Without valid festival and camping tickets, you won’t be able to book this option.

Book your festival and camping tickets.

Book your Festipi.

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