20 décembre 2019

How to get your Food-truck at Reggae Geel 2020?

If you have all the good food and the biggest smiles while preparing it.. read this!


1. Make sure to read this before you apply:

  • Please thoroughly complete all the actions that your organisation undertakes to be eco-friendly and socially responsible;
  • Please propose a MINIMUM of 2 vegetarian options;
  • Please include pictures of your food stall (food staff and stall)
  • Please include your definite menu (items and price) no variation is authorised
  • Ensure all is completed online and all documents have been sent as requested, otherwise your file will not be eligible;
  • Foodtrucks, if qualified you will need to send us your VINCOTTE or equivalent certifivation
  • Eco-friendly festival! Only biodegradable material is tolerated, preferably edible.

2. Apply through this link. The Food team will get in touch if you are selected.