Please read the FAQ before contacting us

Q: I bought a ticket online and lost it or never received it, what do I do?
A: Please get in touch with TicketScript on this URL:
Q: Do I have to print my ticket or can they scan it of my mobile?
A: We can scan it of your mobile, but test if it works before you leave.
Q: I bought a ticket but I forgot to add camping? Can I still buy a camping ticket?
A: Yes you can! You can buy a camping ticket at the festival.
Q: We're taking the camper to the festival do I have to buy a camping ticket?
A: Yes you have to or you can get one at the entrance. If you get a camping ticket now you only need to pay for the camper cash.
Q: I just want to stay at the camping, I don't really like reggae music, but I love camping. Do I have to buy a festival ticket?
A: We love camping too, but you have to buy a festival ticket to get access to the campsite.
Q: I bought the wrong ticket! Can I still trade?
Q: I'm mailing you with a business proposal. Shall i make an offer?
A: Please don't e-mail them here. We got everything we need.
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