Agent Sasco

  • Saturday 23:10 - Mainstage

Agent Sasco - aka Assassin - released his first single, Wah Gwan, in 2000. In the years to come he grew out to become a standard of dancehall in his home country, Jamaica. His work with big names, such as Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar, made him very wanted by artists in the hiphop scene. On top of that, Sasco has been pretty active as a producer lately.

But fame is not his priority. In his fourth and most recent album, “Hope River”, he looks back to his true identity, Jeffrey Campbell. Gratefulness and spirituality are the core values of his youth, and this album is a potrait of where he is now – mentally, spiritually and musically speaking. This year he comes all the way from Jamaica to bring us his story. And that story’s far from over …