• Saturday 13:30 - Mainstage

Alexx A-Game was born in St. Anne, Jamaica and moved to Kingston at the age of 17. There he specialised in stringed instruments and singing during his music studies. In 2015, he began focusing on his solo career and was soon invited by Chronixx to be part of his Capture Land Ja tour.

A-Game is known for his versatility. His listeners are constantly impressed by his visual skills, his voice and his disciplinary input into his productions. He has collaborated with numerous well-known producers and artists in Europe, the US and Jamaica.

In 2018, he released the song "Double" together with hip-hop and R&B superstar Tory Lanez, which earned him a worldwide spot on the playlists of BET, MTV and Foodlocker Stores. In 2019, his single "Go Harda" reached the number one spot on Richie B's Reggae Top 25 list. He was featured in international publications and newspapers, and made his appearance on local radio and television.

One of his highlights was this year when he received the UNESCO Transcultura Call for Caribbean hip-hop artists. This award is given to Caribbean hip-hop artists between the ages of 18 and 35 to increase their international opportunities.

So, brace yourselves for Alexx A-Game at your favourite festival!

This year Alexx A-game was selected by UNESCO with the Transcultura Call for Caribbean hip-hop artists to come to Europe. Of the many registrations, he was one of the favourites. This summer, he can be seen at a Symposium in Berlin, after which he will travel to Reggae Geel.