Davido & the compozers

American-Nigerian Davido is a talent on many levels. Musically, he knows how to send African elements into the world through mainstream pop. He is best known for songs like "Fall" and "Blow My Mind". His most recent album, "A Better Time", was released in 2020.

He is a hero not only musically. He has also managed to raise money for charity in an ingenious way. In November 2021, he called on all his friends via Twitter to transfer 1 million naira to him. "Show me love through money.” It sounds strange, but he managed to collect 201 million naira (about 460,000 euros). He added 50 million of his own money and donated it in its entirety to orphanages all over Nigeria.

That he is immensely popular is beyond dispute. In 2020, his single "FEM" reached 1.8 million views on YouTube, in less than 24 hours! And earlier this year, he performed for 20,000 people in a sold-out O2 Arena in London. For one night the Arena was renamed "The Davido-2".

We all believe that there should always be Afrobeat at Reggae Geel. How very proud we are that we may welcome Davido together with his band The Compozers at our festival. Behold his greatness!