• Saturday 14:05 - Mainstage

The Jamaican D'Yani - born as Andre Chavanie McCormack - approaches reggae and dancehall with a fresh approach. His music is positive and inspiring. His character is comical and jovial. He is described as a boy with a big heart for everyone, but especially for women. His childhood in a single-parent family gave him the greatest respect for his mother, and for women in general.

In high school, he discovered music. But it was his fellow artist and good friend Eva Hype who invited him into the studio. It was there that his musical hobby became his career. His first single "Give Away My Love" speaks about the pain that relationships bring. But also about the care, love and values he gives to women.

During his studies, he developed his musical skills into the catchy melodies, witty lyrics and situational concepts that we know him for now. D'Yani stands out from his fellow artists with his unique style. He has already performed at numerous events, concerts and festivals with his most famous song "Lovers Go".

D'Yani gets his musical inspiration from different genres. That is why his record is so varied. He chose Reggae Geel for his very first European performance. This will surely create a tremendous atmosphere!