Gabre Selassie - KINGSTON DUB CLUB

Imagine this breathtaking scene: one of the most beautiful hills overlooking Kingston, where you can enjoy the best reggae and dub every week. What started as an event by Gabre Selassie for insiders, quickly grew into a public dub gathering. But getting to the Kingston Dub Club takes some effort. If you don't have a car, you have to get there on foot. And that's not a piece of cake.

Those who love reggae go to Jamaica. And to the Kingston Dub Club. The place where reggae-loving people hang out every Sunday. For the last 15 years now. A magical place with its own sound, where both reggae artists and lovers pass and meet each other.

For the last fifteen years Gabre Selassie and his Dub Club have been laying the foundations for the revival of roots reggae and dub in Jamaica. But this was not the beginning of Gabre. In his youth, he often worked with Augustus Pablo's Rockers International sound system. It was mainly this era that shaped his dedication to music and to Rastafari-oriented roots, culture and dub.

This year Gabre Selassie descends from the hills of Jamaica and invites you to catch a vibe in the woods of the 18 INCH Corner.