Oh yeah, there he is! Mortimer on Reggae Geel. He has been on the wish list of many for years, but in 2022 he will finally be there. On the Mainstage!

Mortimer is a rising star from Jamaica and a promising singer with a compelling voice. Since he was eight years old, music has been a great source of inspiration in his life. Now he creates both traditional roots reggae and modern Jamaican music. In 2014, his first project saw the light of day: Message Music. His romantic lyrics and smoky voice find their way directly to our hearts. He describes his passion like this: "I do music because it is my first love and where my passion lies. For me, it's about a message... One of love, hope, kindness, selflessness, and also an opportunity to share a piece of myself with others."

We look forward to finally experiencing his top singles "Lighting" and "Careful" - both from the "Fight the Fight" album - live!