Anthony B

  • 2018
  • 2009
  • 2002
  • 1997
Despite not really needing an introduction anymore, we're happy to introduce to you Anthony B, famous for his energetic and multifaceted performances. The ‘original fireman’ stands up for the poor and oppressed in his revolutionary lyrics. Like many of Jamaica's best artists he learned to sing at church. In 1992 he gained fame with hits Fire Pon Rome and Raid Di Barn, in which he sings about economic and social injustice on Jamaica. Although this rasta man is often on tour, he releases new work on a regular basis: he has over 30 albums to his name, and more than a hundred hits his audience can sing along word for word. This year he released a bunch of new singles, including Reggae Soul Sister and Rub A Dub Party. Anthony B is history in the making, and yet never seems to age a day. Give thanks for the sunshine! Anthony B is bringing his own accompanying band from Jamaica: “Born Fire Bands.“