Bomb-A-Sound Crew

  • 2020
  • 2017
  • 2015

The duo of Bomb-A-Sound brings us positive reggae, dancehall and new roots. Selector Stubborn has been collecting and spinning reggae 45s for years. He used to live in Berlin, where he played weekly in the famous YAAM-club. He runs Caoutchou Records as resident DJ.

MC Deeds entered the dancehall scene as a promoter of underground squats, the so-called bashments. Later, he moved to Jamaica, where he started collaborating with the Westmoreland Ghetto Rock Soundsystem. There, he caught the boastful walk and patois talk of the true original soundboy. Since then, he has been an all-round freelance MC for many soundsystems and DJs promoting the Soundsystem Culture.

Bomb-A-Sound keeps it positive and does not promote homophobia or sexism. Only One Love.

From Afro-Latino, via Parknacht and Ghent Soundsystem Academy, they have now arrived at Reggae Geel.