I Grade Dub

  • 2019
  • 2015

When we think about the Virgin Islands, reggae isn’t the first thing to pop up in our minds. But those of you who know Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred, know better. Founder and producer of I Grade Records is the regular host at the Dub in the Rainforest festival on his island of birth, Saint Croix. It goes without saying that he’s strongly influenced the dub and reggae scene on the island.

Since founding his record label in 2001, Tippy I has produced and mixed over 30 albums, often in co-creation with roots reggae artists like Midnite, Pressure, Glen Washington and Cornel Campbell. During his time in Brooklyn he was a member of the Downbeat Production Collective, working closely together with Jay-Z, among others. In 2005 he moved back to Saint Croix, and has been working together with the Zion I Kings collective to create a new sound that stays true to roots reggae, but has an innovating HD quality and progressive creativity.

Under the pseudonym of I Grade Dub, Tippy I brings us live dub mixes all over the world. And for this he uses his so-called “Soundtoy plug-ins". Do you want to know what this means exactly? You’ll get your answer on Saturday at 18” Corner!