kosmo sound

  • 2019

Ghent based Mattias Geernaert and Marius Couvreur both have a background in jazz, and an endless passion for dub. They met each other in 2016, put their heads together and co-founded Kosmo Sound. A little while after that they were joined by four other superb musicians: Edmund Lauret, Cyriel Vandenabeele, Ambroos De Schepper and Bos Debussher (who we’ll also be able to admire behind the piano with Pura Vida and The Congos). Sound technician Peter Desmedt is responsible for recordings and mixing, and provides the wickedest sound effects during live performances.

Kosmo Sounds stands for a successful marriage between smooth jazz and heavy dub. As a live band they know how to entertain their audience with an ideal balance of tight rhythms and extended melodies. During their live concerts they provide a lot of musical variety, with their shared love for dub being the unchanging factor.