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12 juillet 2022

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Proudly we present … the DUNZA. The official Reggae Geel cashless currency.

Reggae Geel is a cashless festival. This means your Bracelet does not only grant you access to Reggae Geel but also is the only way to pay for food and drinks. Food vendors and bars only accept "DUNZA", the official Reggae Geel cashless currency.

Reggae Geel strongly advises you to add DUNZA to your Bracelet online before the festival in order to skip queues at the festival.

What is Dunza?

Dunza is the official currency of Reggae Geel. It is the only way to pay for food and drinks at Reggae Geel. It also means “Money” in Jamaican Patois.

Exchange Rate

The exchange rate for Dunza is:

  • For € 30 you get 20 DUNZA
  • For € 45 you get 30 DUNZA
  • For € 75 you get 50 DUNZA
  • For € 90 you get 60 DUNZA

Attention! If you do your first top-up at the festival site, you will need to fill out the manual refund form after the festival in order to receive your refund if you still have unspent DUNZA.

Cashless Refunds

Unspent DUNZA can be refunded after the festival. The form to request a refund will be available after Reggae Geel. A 1 Dunza refund fee will be charged.

Please note that you are responsible for providing Reggae Geel the correct information.

In case you received free DUNZA on your bracelet, they will never be up for reimbursement.

Manual Refund Form Availability

The refund form will be available from 10 August 12h00 CEST until 31 August 12h00 CEST. After 31 August 2022 it will no longer be possible to request a refund. 

More questions?

Please check our cashless FAQ