Reggae Geel


Alborosie & The Shengen Clan

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Gold Stage

COUNTRY: Sicily / Jamaica

GENRE: Upbeat roots with soul-touching raw vocals

🔥Originally from Sicily, Alborosie moved to Jamaica to become one of the most authentic reggae artists in the world.

🔥Award-Winning Artist: In 2011, he became the first white artist to win the MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Award for Best Reggae Act.

🔥Has worked with reggae royalty, including members of the Marley family, The Wailers, and modern stars like Etana and Romain Virgo, showcasing his deep respect for reggae’s roots and future.

🔥Alborosie addresses global issues in his music, including human trafficking, demonstrating his commitment to using his platform for positive change.

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Sipple it down-down! Fire blaze upon the stage, with the legendary Alborosie backed by his trusted Shengen Clan! This Sicilian reggae maestro has become a pillar of the genre through his authentic sound and profound messages.

With over two decades of dedication, Alborosie’s journey from the vibrant streets of Sicily to the heart of Jamaica’s musical landscape is a testament to his deep love and respect for reggae. His latest album, “Destiny,” released in May 2023, is a masterclass in roots, rock, reggae, and dub, offering a conscious examination of modern society while staying true to the genre’s core values.

Alborosie takes you on a journey that unites you through the universal language of reggae. With countless classics under his belt, you’re all set for a show that will be etched in your memory!