Reggae Geel


Brooke Bailey

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Bounce Dancehall

COUNTRY: Ghana/Belgium

GENRE: Dancehall meets Afrobeats and hip-hop

🔥Curates Bob Marley’s Tuff gong radio channel and hosts the bi-weekly “Soundgasm” mix show on Drake’s Sound42.

🔥Brooke has played in over 30 countries and holds residencies in top West African clubs like Quilox and Carbon.

🔥She’s also the preferred DJ for Equatorial Guinea’s presidential family, playing with stars like Akon and Ludacris at major birthday celebrations.

🔥Ranked as one of the top female DJs globally, Brooke continues influencing the Afrobeats scene on platforms like SiriusXM.

From the rhythmic heart of Ghana to the vibrant streets of Belgium, Brooke Bailey spins a story as captivating as her music. In 2008, Brooke turned to the decks to narrate her multicultural heritage through pulsating Afrobeats and hip-hop rhythms. Her early gigs set stages ablaze, opening for stars like Brick & Lace and Kevin Lyttle and, later, playing alongside titans like Young Thug and Ace Hood in Belgium’s famed clubs.

Brooke’s beat reverberated globally, resonating through the biggest clubs from Nigeria to Ghana and even making waves in the presidential circles of Equatorial Guinea. Ranked among the world’s top female DJs, Brooke is a fiery ambassador for a genre exploding with popularity. With a residency at SiriusXM, she brings Afrobeats to millions. On Instagram and TikTok, her followers—over 300,000 strong—dance to the rhythm of her digital beats, proving that Brooke Bailey is a cultural force, remixing the soundtrack of a generation. Are you up for it? Go bounce with Brooke at our Bounce Dancehall!