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🔥Concrete Lion, founded by Kai Dub and Dubtronics, is a sound system deeply rooted in Birmingham and Bristol, UK.

🔥Kai Dub’s productions, known for their depth and resonance, have reached all four corners of the globe, establishing Concrete Lion as a force to be reckoned with worldwide.

🔥Did you know that Dubtronics is the nephew of King Earthquake?

🔥Kai Dub and Dubtronics’s unity under the Concrete Lion banner has propelled them to share stages with significant industry names, such as OBF, Iration Steppas, and Word Sound & Power.

Concrete Lion keeps the enduring spirit and vibrancy of the UK’s dub and reggae sound system culture alive. Kai Dub and Dubtronics founded this Birmingham/Bristol-based sound system that merges the rich legacies of two musical cities.

With roots stretching back to 2007, Concrete Lion has evolved from local performances to international stages. Kai Dub, with his foundational role in Maasai Warrior and a vast catalogue of global releases, and Dubtronics, with his sound system lineage and technical acumen, have crafted a sound system that is a tribute to the past and sets the way for the future.

Concrete Lion’s mission is clear: to deliver heavyweight sound system showcases packed with captivating dubs and vibrant energy that uplifts and unites audiences worldwide. Our Dub Forest will never be the same again.