Reggae Geel


DJ Gajoy

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Bounce Dancehall

COUNTRY: Belgium

GENRE: reggae and dancehall and happy grooves

🔥Kicked off her career in music production in 2021 and started DJing in 2022.

🔥Featured on radio shows like Tarmac 911 and Vibz Radio.

🔥Has played in several clubs and bars across Brussels, Ghent, and Mons, demonstrating her growing popularity.

🔥She prefers reggae and dancehall, showcasing her passion for these genres in her music selection.

Sizzling with ambition, there’s a new and upcoming talent in town! And this one’s ready to blaze our Bounce to ashes! DJ Gajoy hits the Reggae and Dancehall scene big and bad, emerging as a fresh talent in 2022. Her music production and mixing journey took her to the heart of Brussels’ nightlife by 2023. She’s claiming her stand in the musical landscape with her energetic sets on Tarmac 911 and Vibz Radio and high-energy live performances across Belgium’s coolest venues.

Her love for reggae and dancehall leads the way, but she’ll happily mix in other genres, too. Want to get your groove on at our Bounce Dancehall? Then you better be ready for DJ Gajoy!