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Dunrich World Sound

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Bounce Dancehall

COUNTRY: Jamaica

GENRE: one-of-a-kind blend of reggae and dancehall

🔥Dunrich World Sound is powered by Atley Stewart, a.k.a. “Singer T,” born in St. Catherine, Jamaica, and Christopher Anthony Rowe, known as “DJ Skinny Rich,” hailing from Ridge District, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

🔥Atley Stewart founded Twin Tech Sound System before evolving it into Dunrich World Sound in 2013

🔥DJ Skinny Rich, famous for his electrifying selections, has expanded Dunrich World Sound’s reach internationally.

Dunrich World Sound is the ultimate sound system for all Jamaican music and culture enthusiasts. Their one-of-a-kind blend of reggae and dancehall, brought straight from Jamaica’s vibrant streets, ignites every party into a blazing fire of happiness and funky vibrations.

Atley and Christopher have been strongly connected to dancehall music since they were young, and together, they created a sound system that reflects authenticity and vibrancy. They have performed worldwide, from the lively dance halls of Jamaica to renowned international stages. Dunrich World Sound is recognised as a pioneer of Jamaican musical heritage.

They share music and Jamaica’s spirit and soul with every set, inviting audiences into a world where every beat and rhythm tells a story. As Dunrich World Sound continues to conquer the globe, Atley and Christopher persist in showcasing the power of Jamaican music to the world. Don’t miss these Jamaican dancehall bosses at our Bounce Dancehall!