Reggae Geel


Heléa Louison

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Yagga Yagga


GENRE: Ska & Rocksteady

🔥Héléa Louison is celebrated as one of the most incredible selectors of Oldies Reggae in France. She is known for her expertise in ska and rocksteady.

🔥She actively performs across France and Europe, including countries like Switzerland, Belgium, England, and Spain.

🔥Héléa has collaborated with the Harlem Shuffle label on the album “Reggay Undercover,” a compilation of reggae cover versions of classics.

🔥In addition to live performances, she is featured in music videos and engages with fans through online mixes and appearances in music fanzines.

Héléa Louison, Paris’s reggae virtuoso, has carved a niche in the reggae scene with her distinctive flair for ska and rocksteady music. As a key figure in France’s Oldies Reggae movement, Héléa’s sets are a masterful blend of nostalgic rhythms and modern sensibilities.

Her collaboration on “Reggay Undercover” showcases her deep respect and innovative approach to classic reggae, making her a revered figure among reggae enthusiasts. Whether spinning records in bustling European cities or appearing in vibrant music videos, Héléa Louison remains at the forefront of the reggae music scene, continually enchanting audiences with her soulful selections.