Reggae Geel


Iration Steppas feat. Macky Banton

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Dub Forest

🔥Iration Steppas, rooted in West Yorkshire, has been a pioneering force in the underground bass music scene since the early 1990s.

🔥Founders Mark Iration and Dennis Rootikal have developed a unique style that influenced a generation of dub sound systems and producers.

🔥Known for pushing boundaries in sound system technology with their vast collection of dubplates and specials.

🔥Macky Banton never records his work, making his live performances a unique, almost sacred experience.

Get set for a revolutionary night with one of reggae and dub’s most iconic sound systems! As foundational monuments in the UK underground bass scene, Iration Steppas have shaped the sound of modern dub and inspired countless other artists and sound systems. Their vibrancy and exceptional panache ensure a groundbreaking and rooted musical experience when they hit the decks.

At our Dub Forest, Iration Steppas teams up with Macky Banton, one of bass culture’s most emblematic vocalists. His deep voice, inimitable flow, and razor-sharp lyrics packed with irony and immense joie de vivre move the masses all through the night. Did you know he has chosen never to record a record, maintaining a sacred quality to his performances? These sound system sets are the only opportunities to hear his talent live & direct.

Experience the impact of sound system giants in the vanguard of dub. Be inspired and hypnotised by a performance pushing the boundaries of what reggae and dub can be—a memorable night at our Dub Forest. Don’t miss out!