Reggae Geel


Jah Lil

SATURDAY 3 AUG - Gold Stage

COUNTRY: Jamaica

Prepare for an up-and-coming artist who’s here to make his mark. Don’t miss out: here’s your chance to see him first! Jahlil hails from the rich musical landscapes of Kingston. His musical style is a homage to icons like Bob Marley and Burning Spear, perfectly blended with the soulful influences of Michael Jackson and Anita Baker.

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“Rebirth,” Jahlil’s debut album, set to launch on March 28th, promises to be an invitation to the realms of enlightenment and unity. His tunes reflect a deep respect for cultural roots while embracing current trends and upcoming styles. This young lion has assembled his own musician crew straight out of Edna Manley College.

After hitting it big with catchy tunes in collaboration with Silly Walks soundsystem (Germany), he’s all set to conquer the stage at Reggae Geel. Can’t wait to see him live!