Reggae Geel


Kibir La Amlak (Live Dub)

SATURDAY 3 AUG - Dub Forest


GENRE: Live Dub Experience

🔥Kibir La Amlak is known for his unique “Live Dub Experience”, blending live studio mixing with the physical sensation of sound system performances.

🔥He performed at major events like the University of Dub and Teachings in Dub, showcasing his homegrown studio productions through his self-built sound system.

🔥Known for his hypnotic and spiritual dub explorations, incorporating live instruments and electronic vibes to create an out-of-this-world musical trip.

Kibir La Amlak is a visionary within the reggae and dub music scenes. His Live Dub Experience is rooted in the vibrant reggae scene of the early 2000s. His deep blend of studio craftsmanship and live sound system energy has enchanted and bewitched numerous audiences.

Known for his deep spiritual and hypnotic musical journeys, Kibir La Amlak’s performances are immersive experiences that resonate with his listeners’ souls and hearts. Through his mastery of dub, he is a true sorcerer of the genre, continuously inviting his audience into a transcendent exploration of sound and spirituality.

Yeah, you’re up for a seriously hypnotizing trip. Enjoy!