Reggae Geel


Kingstep Soundsystem feat. Joseph Lalibela & Reuben Gondor

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Dub Forest

COUNTRY: Belgium

GENRE: militant & roots dub

🔥Kingstep Soundsystem, known as the Beljam Lions, has been a prominent force in roots reggae since 2008.

🔥Based in Belgium, they performed at dances and festivals in Europe and The Gambia, where their journey began.

🔥They have collaborated in the studio with renowned international artists such as Admiral Tibett, Jahmali, Courtney Melody, and Prince Allah.


Kingstep Soundsystem, the Belgian reggae powerhouse also known as the Belgjam Lions, have spread their thunderstorm of militant basses and beats from local stages in Belgium to the vibrant scenes of Europe and the seminal grounds of The Gambia.

With an impressive ability to rock any crowd, whether through a DJ set or a full sound system setup, Kingstep has become synonymous with dub excellence. Their studio collaborations read like a who’s who of reggae music, featuring artists like Admiral Tibett and Courtney Melody, further amplifying their credibility and reach.

Their Dub Unit dances, organised in collaboration with Het Depot, have become a household event. Each edition draws audiences far and wide, cementing Kingstep Soundsystem as a leading force in the national dub and reggae scene.

Kingstep Soundsystem will be our Dub Forest host sound on Friday, with their magnificently crafted power towers of sound.