Reggae Geel


Lennie Parker

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Yagga Yagga


GENRE: old-school tunes and classics

🔥Lennie Parker is a seasoned DJ with over thirty years of experience in the industry.

🔥He has held long-term residencies at notable venues like The Fox and Firkin and Goldsmith Pub in London.

🔥Lennie is a DJ, skilled MC, and singer, having performed alongside legendary musicians and at diverse venues, including jazz cafes and radio shows.

Lennie Parker stands out in the vibrant music world and has had a career for over three decades. Lennie’s presence behind the decks is both invigorating and influential, from the pulsing nightclubs of London to private parties and radio shows.

His expertise extends beyond spinning records; he is an accomplished MC and singer known for his engaging stage presence and ability to connect with audiences through music. Whether crafting flawless playlists for a club night or energising a live crowd, Lennie Parker embodies the spirit of a true entertainer, making every performance memorable. Catch his dynamic set at our Yagga Yagga stage, and prepare for an exquisite selection of old-school tunes and classics!