Reggae Geel


Manudigital feat. Dapatch

THURSDAY 1 AUG - Free Launch Party


GENRE: Reggae/Dub/Dancehall

🔥Released legendary albums such as “Digital Pixel” (2016) and “Bass Attack” (2018), as well as numerous EPs and collaborative projects featuring global artists like Alborosie and Skarra Mucci.

🔥His live shows are intergalactic experiences, with his bassist and beatmaker talents taking audiences on a crazy trip in over 800 shows worldwide.

🔥Launched the “Digital Session” series on YouTube, earning over 69M views and collaboration with reggae legends using his iconic Casio MT40.

🔥Was the bass player for bands like Babylon Circus before diving into the production world.

Manudigital leads the Reggae/Dub revolution at our new & improved Reggae Geel 2024 Launch party! This vibes and beats wizard infuse traditional rhythms with contemporary grooves and digital flair. This talent is one of reggae’s most sought-after producers and is the absolute master of musical innovation, with projects that span the globe and collaborations that cross genres. Manudigital propels audiences into new and uncharted territories no matter the stage.

His “Digital Session” series pays homage to Reggae’s golden era and bridges the gap to the modern digital age, creating a global fanbase and earning acclaim from music icons. As Manudigital embarks on the “Next Step Tour,” fans can anticipate a sonic journey that continues to push the limits of Reggae and Dub, solidifying his position as a pivotal figure in the genre’s ongoing evolution.

Here comes a hurricane hustling up reggae’s rich palette with influences from Electro/Bass, Jungle, and Drum & Bass influences. Duck and cover – or hit this wild sonic wave and ride it like a badass. It’s time for a legendary Reggae Geel kick-off with Manudigital on the decks and toaster/singer Dapatch on the mic!!