Reggae Geel


Poddington Krank

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Dub Forest

COUNTRY: Belgium

GENRE: Mind-boggling art

🔥Poddington Krank shapes fascinating live art painting performances that will blow your mind.

🔥Alter ego of Bregt De Boever – aka Puraman – the brains and musical genius behind Pura Vida Productionz.

🔥Experience a live art show bursting with creativity for an unforgettable Dub Forest experience.

Poddington Krank’s live art show is a mind-boggling fusion of visual art and live performance. This happily eccentric and slightly unhinged artist turns spaces into mesmerising artscapes, inviting the audience to a unique experience where live painting melds seamlessly with dub music’s deep vibrations.

Witness the birth of art in real-time, resonating with the beats and rhythms of the pulsating soundscape. Poddington Krank creates funky masterpieces that pop your senses like fireworks.

Artist in Residence at our Dub Forest during the entire weekend.