Reggae Geel


Shikoba Sound feat. Dub Tubbie

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Dub Forest

COUNTRY: Belgium

GENRE: Powerful roots and '90s music selection

🔥Acclaimed for their heavy roots and ’90s music selections, played on a high-quality sound system.

🔥Collaborated with numerous local and regional sounds, establishing a strong presence in the scene.

🔥Organise the legendary Satta Massagana sessions in Bruges and Ghent.

🔥Dub Tubbie on the mic: a rising MC talent known for his dynamic flow and lyrical finesse.

Shikoba Sound emerged from the remnants of the Dubrising Collective in Bruges and is celebrated for its potent roots and ’90s music selection. They’ve shared stages with notable sounds like Agobun, Jahmbassador HiFi, Jah Roots HiFi, Kingstep, and Roots Workers. Shikoba Sound is instrumental in organising the Satta Massagana sessions, a recurring event that spans the cities of Bruges and Ghent.

Dub Tubbie tags along to set our Dub Forest ablaze. This gifted MC has become a regular fixture alongside the sound system. His rapid ascension in the reggae and sound system scene shows his undeniable talent and captivating stage presence, promising lyrical fire with every performance.