Reggae Geel


Silly Walks Discotheque

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Bounce Dancehall

COUNTRY: Germany

GENRE: pumping riddims, sweaty licks and fiery kicks

🔥Silly Walks Discotheque has been a leading force in Europe’s Reggae scene since 1991, pioneering over 30 years of party experience!

🔥Gentleman, who later rose to Reggae superstardom, was an original crew member.

🔥Their performances and influence reach Africa and America, with a musical palette that covers all Reggae sub-genres and even African Club Music.

🔥Produced Reggae classics and chart-toppers like Chronixx’s “Smile Jamaica”.

🔥Recently ventured into afrobeats, adding a modern twist to their impressive showcase.

🔥Their label boasts over 300 million streams across platforms and even a Grammy nomination.

Founded on the vibrant streets of Hamburg, Silly Walks Discotheque has conquered the world with its incredible blend of pumping riddims, sweaty licks and fiery kicks. Originally featuring future Reggae luminary Gentleman, this legendary crew has dominated the European Reggae scene and made waves across Africa and the Americas.

Silly Walks Discotheque can blend Reggae and African Club Music like nobody else. Their sets are a journey through the best of both worlds, creating a rich musical dish that is hard to resist. Their talent extends beyond the turntables to the studio, where they have produced groundbreaking tracks and embraced the vibrant sounds of afrobeats, showcasing their versatility and innovation.

These happy vibes jugglers keep adding more funky music to their collection and show no signs of slowing down soon! Enjoy their out-of-this-world showcase at our Bounce Dancehall!