Reggae Geel


Sjak Soundsystem

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Yagga Yagga

COUNTRY: Belgium

GENRE: sweet reggae music

🔥Sjak Soundsystem is a unique mobile reggae station created by four Mol and Balen, Belgium friends who transformed an old caravan into a vibrant reggae sound system.

🔥Named after Pieter Gielen’s grandfather, Gaspar ‘Sjak’ De Wilde, the project began as a lockdown hobby and evolved into a professional setup featuring a super scooper sound system.

🔥The Klankkast-caravan, now a fully functional reggae station, delivers deep reggae basslines and unforgettable vibes.

In a creative fusion of friendship and reggae passion, Sjak Soundsystem brings the beats to the streets with their innovative mobile reggae station. Originating from the inventive minds of four friends, this project began with an old, worn-out caravan. Over two years of hard work and camaraderie, they transformed it into a colourful, eye-catching sound system named after Pieter Gielen’s grandfather, Gaspar ‘Sjak’ De Wilde.

Sjak Soundsystem is a unique experience that blends old-school charm with modern sound engineering. Get ready for an immersive reggae experience that pays homage to the spirit of community. Immerse yourself in the vibrant vibes of Sjak Soundsystem, host sound at our Yagga Yagga stage!