Reggae Geel


Soulboys vs Rudeboys

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Yagga Yagga

COUNTRY: Belgium

GENRE: Ska/reggae/rocksteady

🔥Soulboys vs Rudeboys is a vintage DJ duo from Belgium, known for their expert curation and spinning of classic Jamaican music on original vinyl.

🔥Founded by Mr Fried G in 2009, the group has hosted and performed at events across Europe, including the UK, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, France, and Spain.

🔥The team has expanded since 2013 to include Mr. Dingaling and The Steaming Peanut,  each bringing unique flair and deep record collections.

Step back in time with Soulboys vs Rudeboys, the supreme Belgian DJ team that channels the golden era of reggae. From the sultry beats of ska to the smooth rhythms of rocksteady and reggae, this collective spins a rich tapestry of 1960s and ’70s classics, all on pristine 7” vinyl.

Soulboys vs Rudeboys guarantees an authentic vintage reggae experience, making every event a nostalgic journey. Join them and swing to the timeless reggae beat that moves your dancing feet!