Reggae Geel


Texas Ranger

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Yagga Yagga


GENRE: golden days of reggae

🔥Sharon Walker, aka DJ Texas Ranger, has a lifelong passion for music, reflected in her vast vinyl collection, which she has accumulated over the years.

🔥DJ Texas Ranger hosts “The Off the Record Show,” a radio program that stands out for its blend of classic reggae and soulful grooves, all played from her extensive vinyl collection.

DJ Texas Ranger, born Sharon Walker, has carved a niche in the radio landscape and a place in the hearts of music lovers. Her deeply rooted love for vinyl and classic tunes, nurtured in a home filled with music, has turned into a lifelong passion.

Her radio show, “The Off the Record Show,” revisits the golden days of reggae and infuses classics with soulful grooves. It captivates with rich, eclectic sounds that echo the past while celebrating the timeless joy of music.

DJ Texas Ranger continues to share her love for vinyl through her shows, connecting with worldwide audiences who cherish classic records’ warmth. Warm up your musical soul for a soulful session at our Yagga Yagga stage!