Reggae Geel



FRIDAY 2 AUG - Bounce Dancehall

COUNTRY: Belgium

GENRE: heart-thumping Caribbean beats

🔥TwinRoot is a smashing DJ duo from the west side of Belgium. Both members share Jamaican roots.

🔥TwinRoot’s journey began in 2004 with Bredda X playing Dancehall-Reggae. In 2014, Regulator joined, marking the birth of the energetic TwinRoot identity.

🔥TwinRoot energises parties with a mix of Reggae, Dancehall, and Soca, occasionally stepping out of the box and mixing up other genres.

TwinRoot brings the heart-thumping beats of the Caribbean to the heart of Europe. With “Bredda X” and “Regulator” at the helm, this duo blends their Jamaican heritage with their Belgian upbringing to ignite any party scene.

Whether it’s the rhythmic allure of Dancehall, the soulful strains of Reggae, or the festive vibes of Soca, TwinRoot guarantees a musical experience filled with fire and flair. Always ready to surprise their audience, their sets celebrate cultural fusion and musical innovation.