Reggae Geel



FRIDAY 2 AUG - Bounce Dancehall


GENRE: Funky reggae/dnb/jungle/dancehall mix

🔥YNG CPTN grew up with a DJ father, Big Bad Captain, who has been a part of Skyline Radio for 33 years, immersing him in music from a young age.

🔥YNG CPTN is driven by his love for Reggae music but seamlessly blends Afrobeats, Dancehall, DNB, Jungle, House, Funky House, and Garage into memorable dancehall sets.

🔥Works as a model for over a decade, YNG CPTN uniquely integrates music, art, and culture in his DJing and creative endeavours.

🔥He has performed at high-profile locations, including the Royal Albert Hall and Somerset House, and for exclusive events like the BAFTA after-party.

YNG CPTN shakes up the world of DJing and commands the decks like no other. This London-based multi-genre maestro brings the heat with his reggae-based eclectic mixes that easily jump genres, from afrobeats to garage. Don’t worry; every beat is launched by the vibrant spirit of dancehall and reggae while delving into the pulse of DNB and Jungle. Feel like partying much?

With a legacy rooted in reggae’s rich past, YNG CPTN has carved his unique path, showcasing an undisputed talent for blending beats into a vortex of legendary dance floor moments.

YNG CPTN has played at some of the coolest venues and events, like the Royal Albert Hall and the Groucho Club. His sets take you on a journey through the best of global sounds, bridging music, art, and fashion. YNG CPTN infuses his high-energy sets with unique and vibrant vibes that will leave you begging for more. Make sure to catch his set at our Bounce Dancehall!