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Zulu Vibes

FRIDAY 2 AUG - Dub Forest


GENRE: 90's UK Dub & 70's Jamaican Reggae fusion

🔥Zulu Vibes was founded in 2016 and blends 70’s Jamaican Reggae Roots with 90’s UK Dub.

🔥The label consists of a talented collective of musicians across France, known as the Zulu Vibes Riddim Section or Unisson Reggae Band.

🔥Lion, a dub maker and sound engineer, represents Zulu Vibes during sound system sessions, embodying the studio’s creative spirit and technical expertise.

Founded in 2016, Zulu Vibes has quickly made its mark on the reggae and dub music scenes by blending the rich sounds of 70’s Jamaican Reggae with the deep tones of 90’s UK Dub. Based in France, the label brings together a robust team of musicians who unite under the Zulu Vibes Riddim Section and Unisson Reggae Band.

Spearheaded by Lion, the studio’s dedicated dub maker and sound technician, Zulu Vibes pumps out hypnotising live sound system performances bursting with resonant and authentic dub sounds. You’ll be bombarded by an experience that catapults you way beyond the boundaries of dub. Niceness!