What’s new at Reggae Geel 2024?

Reggae Geel continues to explore every corner of the genre and spoil visitors on all fronts. However, our 2024 edition might look slightly different from the previous ones. We’ll remain your trusted go-to festival packed with peace, love, chill vibes and incredible people. But some novelties are coming your way. Wanna know?

What to expect

What to expect

  • Reggae Geel 2024 will be a two-full-day event. On Friday, the venue will open its doors from noon. A complete lineup will rock the
    main stage while the Bounce Dancehall, Dub Forest, and Yagga Yagga stage launch their festivities from midday. More Reggae
    Geel, what could be better?
  • Diverse programming: Reggae, Dub, and dancehall remain the DNA. But the influence of Reggae goes much further than that. The
    evolution of recent years – borrowing from related genres – continues.
  • Something to   the venue will look chiller than ever, with more surprises and spots to hang out with
    the crew.
  • A cultural explosion: something is always happening, with side acts and entertainment around every corner.
All set for a bombshell edition!

All set for a bombshell edition!

In short, 2024 will be another memorable whirlwind of all the best that reggae, dancehall, dub, ska, rocksteady & afrobeats have to offer. Four stages, two full days, a chill crowd and loads of sunshine: what more could anyone want?