Party Healthy: drugs & alcohol

Taking drugs is always uncertain — you can easily put yourself and other visitors at risk. If you suffer from any kind of physical or mental issues, we strongly urge you not to engage in illegal drugs. Using drugs in the vicinity of children and minors is an absolute no-go.

That being said, pretending something isn’t there never helped anyone. Drugs and alcohol are widespread in the nightlife scene. We want to look out for all our visitors – including those who do choose to use illegal drugs. Here’s some health advice to party safe, sound, and prepared.

Sound advice on drugs & alcohol

Sound advice on drugs & alcohol

  • Prepare yourself. Know what you’re taking, what’s in it, how pure it is, which dosage you’re taking, and what the effects and risks might be.
  • Don’t use alone. Stay in the vicinity of friends who can help you when things turn sour. Look out for each other, all the time.
  • Determine your own dose. Don’t mimic others. Body weight and personal factors influence the effects you’ll feel. Decide beforehand how much you’ll take – and stick to it.
  • Combining different types of drugs is risky. Think about the combinations you’re taking, and remember alcohol counts as a drug too!
  • Take it easy, man. Start off with a small dosage. You can always do more but never less. So once you’ve taken it, you can’t go back.
Has anything gone wrong?

Has anything gone wrong?

If you have decided to take drugs, things might go the wrong way. In that case:

Don’t be afraid to seek help at the Red Cross stand

  • These people are educated and equipped to help you.
  • Inform them honestly about what you’ve taken, and how much.
  • They won’t judge you; they just want to help you.
  • They’re bound by professional secrecy. Your information will not be shared with the festival organisation or police.
Rules & Procedures on drugs

Rules & Procedures on drugs

Possession and use of drugs are illegal in Belgium. Police will be on-site to carry out inspections. They will intervene if you are openly using or are in possession.

Police and the public prosecutor’s office have agreed to apply out-of-court settlements for festival goers who are caught with drugs. Here’s what you can expect:

  • All illegal drugs will be seized.
  • You’ll pay a fine per drug found on your person: €150 for cannabis, and €300 for any other illegal substances.
  • There’s a maximum fine of €600. You’ll need to pay it on the spot, by card. You won’t be prosecuted once you pay, and there won’t be a mention on your criminal record.
  • For large quantities, criminal proceedings will be initiated.